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"I would thoroughly recommend Travelling with PHYLLIS BENNETT, from meeting
me at The Airport to me leaving Brazil, when it was time to fly home . My mind  was
put at ease on all counts. Her knowledge, experience, and her caring nature was greatly
appreciated, by myself and the others in the group. Phyllis is popular and well known in the area,
and her attention to detail at The Casa, was invaluable, it helped make my trip to see John
of God ,in Brazil, a huge Spiritual experience! I wish Phyllis well, and, I am sure who ever
Travels with Phyllis will have an amazing time. Amazing Spiritual Place and an amazing Spiritual
Guide. When I come back to Brazil, again, I will have no hesitation in having Phyllis Bennett
as my Guide.
                Michael Pleasant UK September 2012"

"Thank you Phyllis for your wonderful Guidance!. To come to a foreign Country on my own, was quite daunting, but, I was told by Phyllis Bennett , that, I would be met by an Authorized Casa Driver, she had arranged for me, holding a big card up with my name on it!!, and there he was!!,
all very well organised, he took me straight to the Hotel , and, helped with my case to a nice clean room on-suite, what a relief!!. I was very nervous when I came to meet John of God, but dear Phyllis stood with me, and wrote down the answers to my questions to John of God In Entity. I was totally over whelmed and could have done nothing, without Phyllis being there to gently Guide me, in her own sweet way. Phyllis is well liked in the community, and I can see why. She is so kind, honest, patient
and a wonderful person, and, down to Earth also, as does not have a big ego, which I have seen with a few other Guides. Every step of the way Phyllis was there for any Guidance or help, I am so grateful to her.
                  Thank you Phyllis Bennett.
                                              KATE KON       Australia September 2012 TRIP
TESTIMONIALSA small group of us went with Phyllis as our guide to visit the Casa in Abadiania  in June 2012.
I was travelling from Ireland and met up with Phyllis at Heathrow Airport. On  meeting her I was struck by her friendliness and willingness to answer any  questions I had about our trip to Brazil which were many as it was my first visit  there. Phyllis as our guide had booked us into a pousada/hotel very near to the  Casa which we found to be clean, friendly and served healthy, delicious food for  the duration of our stay. As Phyllis has visited many, many times, my experience  was that she was very willing to share her knowledge of the practicalities and  procedures of the Casa and more importantly, the spiritual side of her experience  of meeting John of God and how the Entities work through him to heal people in  need. Phyllis was upbeat in her approach to people in general as well as caring  to any animals she found homeless, sick or hungry which impressed me. I enjoyed  Phyllis for her great sense of humour as well as our stay there all the more for  it!
Having travelled to see John of God with the group and Phyllis as our guide, also  because of the wonderful people I met there, my stay there was profoundly  spiritual  and powerful in realising potential to help others and myself. I  intend to return when the opportunity arises.


PHYLLIS BENNETT IS A MOST KIND AND HELPFUL GUIDE, she always is there to listen to everything you need to ask. she has a kind and compassionate personality. Phyllis Bennett is always there at  AT THE RIGHT TIME AND AT THE RIGHT PLACE.!!!!
WE will always remember our HEALING PILGRIMAGE TO ABADIANIA, and all the special people we met that were with Phyllis.
THANK YOU PHYLLIS BENNETT for everything you did for us.

May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rain fall softly on your fields;
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of his hand
Poem by Gareth

GARETH AND GEUNOR from  WALES                                MAY 2010