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Hello Dear Reader, Just by reading this web-site you are on your own spiritual path, this is for you only, or a loved one, who is in great need of healing spiritually, physically or mentally. I would like to guide you on this path with kindness and compassion, please read my story and my own dear son Robin’s story. Then make up your own mind whether you can let this once in a lifetime chance slip you by, the decision is yours, take your time, as long as you like, everything is down to you
I have been a Medium for most of my life and I have just completed a course at Stansted Hall for Trance , I read an Advertisement  about going to Brazil to see the Miracle Healer, John of God, so I took the first brave step towards my own healing. I had my faith in God and Jesus and this was a great rock to lean on, so armed with these two forces and many pain killers I arrived in Abadiania. In Abadiania I was received with great kindness by all the people who work at The Casa and I stood face to face with John of God, he was so kind and gave me such a loving kind smile. I knew then that I was looking at someone very, very special, he gave me an invisible operation almost straight away and on every Casa day for the 3 weeks that I stayed there. On the last day when I went to say goodbye to him, I showed him a picture of my dear son Robin who was terminally ill and Joao told me to bring Robin back to Abadiania within the next week or so and he would heal him (read Robin’s Story)
John of God, whilst  in Entity as  Dr. Augusto de Almeida asked me to sit in his special chair at his side and assist with the healing in the Entities Room over a three day period. I was very privileged as only the most powerful mediums are given this honour When I returned to Brazil still in a wheelchair with Robin also in a wheelchair, I had more invisible operations and slowly but surely my legs started working again with less pain and my back improved, the migraines disappeared entirely!
I made many friends with people in Abadiania and experienced many wonderful healings. This place is magical, it is a land of sunshine, tropical storms, swirling early morning mists , gorgeous birdlife and wonderful butterflies. You are surrounded by beaming Brazilian faces, lots of laughter, tears of joy and emotions. I found my true self out there and I would like to repay the miraculous healing I have had by taking people like yourself to tread the same path as me. You will be well looked after by me with love, compassion and spiritual healing of the mind, body and soul.
The Pousada’s that I use all en-suite but basic, I cannot offer you 4 star facilities but everywhere is clean, the food is fresh, wonderful vegetables and fruit, good meat for non-vegetarians, lots of rice and pasta and cake! It is best to take your own tea-bags but their coffee is gorgeous! You will have help from the moment you arrive until you fly back, and I will always stay in touch with all my people as we hopefully become friends,
God has helped me through John of God to be free of pain and live life as I want it, come with me and I will lead you to meet Joao de Deus and all his wonderful helpers. You will never look at life the same again, Joao gives everybody hope for a better personal future, let him, through me help you also