I first went to Abadiania in Brazil in January 2003 and have been back many times since as you will read in “My Story” and “Robin’s Story”. In July 2003 I met the criteria laid down by The Casa hierarchy and was accredited by them officially to take groups to The Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania. I feel that this is my vocation in life now, to take small groups of people to this magical healing place so that they can experience what many of my friends and I experienced.
I book my groups into a small (30+ rooms) family run hotel, these small hotels are normally called Pousada’s in the area,
The owners who speak some English have a friendly attitude to all guests. It is the closest Pousada to The Casa, perhaps 250 yards walking distance. However, this is not a western style hotel in any sense, it is clean and basic but it could be a cultural shock to many. There are single rooms and double rooms, obviously partners will want double rooms but so will people with carers and the same applies to a parent and child.

Having described my favourite, I also have close connections with 4 other good quality Pousada’s, which I would be happy to book people into if necessary, they are also within walking distance of The Casa. I would just have to herd up my flock each morning on Casa days to get them there for the 8 am start.

The costs of the various lengths of visits is explained on the Booking Form,
There is no alcohol within the Hotel mainly because The Casa rules say that it retards healing. The local shops of course sell alcohol but this is usually to take home, most people meet for drinks at the local Juice Bar but that is exactly what it is, non-alcoholic juices, very very nice and cold.

With regard to inoculations you should be guided by your own doctor but I can categorically state that the vast majority of people visit Brazil without any inoculations. Doctors refer to their books which lump the whole of Brazil together including the rainforest areas where there is a need for protection against Yellow Fever and Malaria, but you are not going anywhere near there. The one inoculation which might be right for you is “Hepatitis A” which protects you against water-borne diseases, in my experience your own surgery can give you this at no cost. There is a very good reason for recommending this jab, salads are washed, vegetables and some meat are cooked in water and you may drink their tea or coffee. The golden rule in Brazil is to drink only bottled mineral water, make your own tea or coffee with mineral water and even clean your teeth with bottled water. This may sound over the top but most people go to Abadiania for health reasons and the very last thing you want is an upset tummy that stops you attending The Casa. There are mosquitoes in Abadiania which appear in the mornings and evenings but they do not carry malaria and if you are unlucky enough to be bitten it will probably be no worse than a knat bite, there are many effective remedies in your local supermarket to take.

"Visas are NOT required by British Citizen,s, but other Countries like the USA needs one, so apply at your nearest Embassy for one. Passports MUST be 6 months and over in time. Best to bring Brazilian Real,s, as easier to pay for Taxie`s, shopping, water, Herbs and food and drink outside of the Hotel, you should be able to get by easily £150 a week.
Please bring a Credit or Debit Card, just in case
you over spend, and always best when in a foreign Country. Traveller,s Cheque,s are of no use in the Village of Abadiania. Our Hotel has the ONLY Cash Machine in the Village, so, another great asset for your stay near to The Casa Dom Inacio.
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