I had the pleasure of having Phyllis Bennet  as my guide during a trip to see John of God in May 2015.  Phyllis is a kind and gentle guide with lots of  sympathy and empathy and is well loved by the Casa staff at John of God and also by the other guides.  Phyllis listens carefully to those in her care and helps translate your message and is there beside you when the time comes to meet John of God which is a great comfort.  Phyllis will go out of her way to help like when our flights were cancelled from Heathrow, via Portugal to Brazil due to a pilot strike, Phyllis somehow managed to get Tickets with another Airline for the Same Day, even though 140 people were sent home, to ring up on the 10th May, 2015 !!! we were booked for the 2nd May but , with a Prayer or 2, she charmed the Desk Attendant for us all to fly with TAM, and, also Book, us into a 5 Star Hotel, for a good sleep, free Breakfast, and Lunch, then a Coach was Booked  for free, to take us to a  Hotel near to Heathrow Airport and back !!!. This is the high quality and experience, that Phyllis offer,s all her Groups to visit John of God in Brazil !. Out of 140 people flying with TAP we were the only people that flew that Day, unbelievable!  . TAP Pilots went on strike at Midnight, so NO TAP planes to anywhere in the World!! until maybe 10th May!!!!!!!".

Phyllis is also well known for her care and love of animals.  I would recommend Phyllis as a guide.
Kim Duke.  May 2015 

"I spent one short week with Phyllis Bennett as my Casa Guide
as her kindness and expertise was referred to me, by a previous
Person who had nothing but praise to say about her attention
to the smallest detail in all actions to help her small Groups, and, in actually meeting her, after she had arranged for a comfortable Taxi, a with Casa Driver who drove carefully, who brought me safely to
The front of our lovely Hotel, almost next to The Casa Dom Inacio,
I had to agre 100% with the other person,s description of her Guidance.
The small Group I was in all had our own Rooms with on-Suite Rest
Room, our beds were made everyday, and the rooms cleaned to high

standard . The food was gorgeous and mostly Organic, as, I  am a
Vegetarian, I found that, we all had plenty of choice, and, it tasted
really nice!!.  I was very nervous about seeing John of God in Entity
as this was the first time I had ever seen a Full Trance Medium, Phyllis
stayed by my side, and gently placed her hand on my back, to calm my nerves down. Being with Phyllis, is a wonderful and calming experience and, I fully agree with many people who have had her kind help, that this is the Guide I would choose.
    As Phyllis has really small Groups, I know that, she does not make any money out of her Tours, as the Air Fare from the UK is very high. As an Animal Lover, I saw 1st hand Phyllis helping as much as she could financially to get Dogs and Cats injured or ill to the Vets and helping them to be adopted out of a Country that sometimes has third World ideas about animals in general.
     To my mind Phyllis is a female St Francis of Assisi, and sets an example of how a truly Spiritual Caring Guide  should be !.
           Thank you John of God for your Healing, and to Phyllis who is kindness itself , she always goes the extra mile, Bless. x
                             Annette 2013"
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Phylis is an amazing guide and I would recommend her to anyone. I went  there with health issues and worries, and since returning home I continue to get better every day. She has a wealth of understanding of the correct processes to follow when one goes to see the entity, and her knowledge is invaluable to anyone visiting John of God. There are many processes and she makes it so clear.

Phylis literally held my hand through the entire process, and gave me the faith and hope that I would get better by sharing her own experiences of miraculous healings and hope. I followed her expert guidance, went before the entity quite a few times, had three invisible surgeries, sat in current followed the diet and herbs, and I believed. The changes that occurred in me were emotional, spiritual and physical, and  I am on the mend.  I feel so GRATEFUL!
Since returning home I feel the good entities of  la Casa de Dom Ignacio de Loyola helping and guiding me in my treatment back home, and in my life. I am forever grateful to them, to Joao Texeira and also to the wonderful Phylis Bennett who endured my tears and worries, and provided a pillar of strength as I went through this process of healing.

This is a place I want to go back to again and again. The next time it will be to give thanks and praise.
Lots of love
Dorita Ortiz      JUNE 2017