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Robert Pellegrino-Estrich has written an excellent 140 page book called  “THE MIRACLE MAN”
the life story of Joao de Deus,

you really should read it, you will be inspired to make the journey of a lifetime. The front cover, visible through any bookstore window states,He treats 3000 people per day;15 million people treated in 30 years.
He makes the blind see and the quadraplegics walk again.
More operations per day than a large hospital in a month.
Why is there no bleeding?
How is it possible without anaesthetic?
He cured 139 cases of AIDS.
How does he remove tumours without touching the patient?
Why does he refuse payment?
This inspiring book may be available from AMAZON.CO.UK
People visit the Casa from Brazil and all over the world, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and others too numerous to mention. Some come looking for a cure to their debilitating or terminal illness, others come looking for a life-style change or they may be on a spiritual pathway, very few go away empty handed. Many miracles occur and these happen on stage witnessed by hundreds and always on film, nothing is done behind closed doors, you may purchase for a small fee the video for the period that you attend the Casa, you will certainly appear on it even if just as a member of the crowd.
Phyllis at the Casa with John of God's best friend Antonio